It might be April Fool’s but this post is NOT a joke! *READ for details* Fitness and nutrition is a serious business to me because taking care of yourself is vital. And because I know how not doing so can affect your life! That said I’ve found ways to make it FUN and EASIER … mostly by surrounding myself with the right people! I find it very rewarding to help people get started on…or recommit to…their fitness journey. I know it can be overwhelming and even a little scary…especially if you’ve failed in the past. So this month I’m offering one of two of my favorite tools as a gift to those who make an investment in themselves to jump into one of my April support groups. This lil’ set of containers make selecting and portioning food soooo much easier, and the Fixate cookbook guide is full of yummy recipes the WHOLE family will love. I’ll help you choose your program according to your fitness level and preferences. You’ll get a nutrition plan that’s guaranteed and easy to follow. You’ll work with me as your personal coach and other people on the journey to being healthy and fit. Decide. Commit. SUCCEED. BOOM! 👊 You have NOTHING to lose except weight and inches…and SO much to gain including knowledge, confidence, new friends, and the great feeling of SUCCESS!! For you that may mean a smaller clothing size, a new swimsuit you feel great in, a new daily exercise habit, compliments from family or co-workers, doing something like push-ups you couldn’t do before, a personal best in a future run, or just feeling amazing in your own skin every day! This gift offer ONLY LASTS THROUGH MONDAY (April 4)…. so just comment “I’m ready…no April Fools!” below or shoot me a message to chat!!

by fitandhealthierwithdare2be

Please share with us what you think. God bless.

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