They say pictures say a 1,000 words… well, here’s a 1,000… or more :)) This year I celebrated another year in such a big way because… my big God took me from the ashes I was in last year, and brought me to amazing greatness! Last year was my first time celebrating holidays, starting fresh and alone after leaving a place and people I called home and family for so many years… over half my life. I was obese, sick in a hospital bed, thinking I was dying, and just what I thought was a big mess, and thought I was alone. I definitely didn’t think I’d even be alive this year. Well… I’M MORE THAN ALIVE! Just like the lyrics say to a song on my upcoming debut album. Little did I know it was the beginning of the unfolding of my dreams. Sometimes you have to decide to listen to God’s voice and be in the wilderness or cave, like Moses or David for a while unto due time. We tend to think it’s punishment or a bad thing when it’s God way of shaping, molding, and paving the way for us. He gets us alone, so we trust Him, and only Him and Know…it was HIM, that restored and delivered us. God stripped me of the toxic people and things in my life to give me authentic, genuine, loving friends and family that held my hand and reassured me that I’d make it to the other side. Especially the man of my dreams and reality, my husband, Ivan. I’m more than thankful… I am now healthier than ever before physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I am about to release my debut album and go on tour worldwide, with two singles about to hit the radio and know that if God could keep me alive and do what’s He’s done for me…He has even better for you and your life!!! Don’t let go of the rope! This is truly my BIRTHday (new birth, new life, answered dreams, new me!!! LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY… I haven’t released my album yet or won a grammy yet, but I’m pretty sure right in this moment, I know what it will feel like… THANK YOU JESUS! #photooftheday#picoftheday#family#friends#life#memories#birthday#new#music#christianmusic#singer#fashion#beauty#health#blessed#Jesus#inspire#travel#worldwide#happy#dance#party#fiesta#vida#art#artist

by mariburelle

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